Ensuring Your Real Estate Transactions Succeed

At Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, our real estate attorneys can assist you with every step of the purchase, sale, lease, development or financing of real property – residential, multi-family, commercial or vacant.  From procurement to closing, you can trust our lawyers to provide sound guidance to help you meet your goals and to overcome legal challenges along the way.

With strong ties in the greater Syracuse and Rochester areas we understand the customs and practices of the Update New York real estate market. At Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, we can help you navigate even the most complex purchase or sale and lease agreements and develop practical and creative solutions to ensure the best outcome.

What Is The Role Of An Attorney In A Real Estate Transaction?

As real estate attorneys, we are here to provide legal advice concerning rights in or to real property.  Whether working with the seller or buyer, landlord or tenant, residential or commercial developer or lender, on a purchase, sale, lease, build or loan, we identify and review the terms of a transaction and work with our clients to ensure it fits their needs.

Our role in purchase and sale transactions includes negotiating and drafting contracts, evaluating title to real property, communicating with counsel, lenders and real estate brokers and agents to coordinate closings, reviewing closing figures, negotiate repairs and arrange for possession, if needed.

As lender’s counsel, we aim to ensure each loan closes as promptly as possible, within rate lock or commitment deadlines, with accurate Closing Disclosures, and provides lender with insurable first lien position at closing.  Our attorneys provide a comfortable environment for borrowers to close their transactions, ensuring every borrower understands the documents they sign.

Having a trustworthy partner can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your purchase or sale, leasing, development or lending transaction.

We can help you with:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Commercial and residential lending and/or financing
  • Commercial and residential loan closings
  • Title Examination
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Land Use and Zoning

At Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, we believe identifying and addressing potential complications in your real estate transaction upfront is the best way to avoid later problems or delays. We strive to ensure your real estate transactions succeed.

What Does The Real Estate Purchase Process Look Like?


After finding a property you are interested in, you often work with your real estate agent to prepare terms and submit an offer to the seller. If an agent is not involved, our attorneys can prepare the offer on your behalf. We review your contract with you to confirm the terms and issue attorney approval of the contract, where applicable.


Thereafter inspections often occur (if required) and buyer and seller work to resolve any questions concerning the condition of the property. In commercial real estate transactions, additional due diligence periods often apply allowing buyer time to confirm the property can be used or developed for buyer’s intended use.


Once inspections and diligence contingencies expire, if financing applies, you then work with your lender to obtain a mortgage commitment and satisfy any loan conditions.

Title Review

Title to the property is then reviewed and title insurance is prepared for the you and the lender (if required) and both sides review and prepare documents for closing.

Final Walk-Through

Prior to closing, you complete a final walk-through at the property to ensure the property remains in the same condition as when you signed the contract. Repairs and/or credits are given as needed to address items of concern.


At this point, the parties schedule and attend closing where loan documents are signed, money and the deed package are exchanged, keys are given, and the transaction is closed.

What Are The Potential Problems That Arise During A Commercial Or Residential Lease?

Leases are often a substantial part of your income or expenses. Whether you are the landlord or a tenant, problems can arise regarding payment of rent or additional rent, use of the leased premises, the condition of the premises, maintenance responsibilities and obligations, and holdover. Therefore, knowing your rights and responsibilities and managing disputes efficiently is critical.

Our attorneys have experience handling a variety of leasing issues and landlord-tenant disputes and can advise on all matters under New York law:

  • Summary Proceedings to evict residential tenants, including 5-day late-rent (RPAPL 235-e) and 14-day demand notice (RPAPL 711(2) requirements, rules governing security deposits, and the collection of late fees and/or attorneys’ fees
  • Breach of commercial lease claims concerning renewal, expiration or early termination, liability for maintenance, repair or replacement of structural or mechanical systems, enforcement of exclusivity clauses, parking issues, common area fee disputes, and percentage lease issues

Whether you are considering entering into a new lease agreement or have questions or a dispute regarding an existing lease, our attorneys are here to provide smart, practical advice.

Your Partner In Real Estate

At Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, we are here to be your partner in any real estate transaction, offering sound legal advice and support to help you achieve your real estate goals. Call our Baldwinsville office at 315-303-3408 or our Rochester office at 585-301-4777 to schedule a consultation or complete our online contact form.