Commercial And Residential Real Estate Advisors

At Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, we represent individuals and commercial clients in all aspects of real estate law. From acquisitions and sales, to title examination and disputes, to leasing, and lending, you can rely on our decades of experience to help you achieve your real estate goals.

With offices in Baldwinsville and Rochester, we understand the customs and practice of the real estate market in the greater Syracuse and Rochester areas. Whether you are an experienced investor, landlord, lender or first-time homebuyer, we provide smart, practical, advice on all real estate matters.

Why Should I Work With An Attorney On My Real Estate Case?

Working with an experienced real estate attorney provides many benefits outside of accomplishing your desired outcome of selling, purchasing, leasing, or developing real property.  With decades of experience, our attorneys have seen and can identify potential issues in real estate transactions to help you avoid risk and complications now or in the future.

Commercial and Residential Purchases and Sales

Whether you are a buyer or seller, you want to be sure the title to the property is conveyed properly at closing to avoid issues down the line. In negotiating the terms of the contract, we define and review the quality of title to the property to be delivered at closing.  We gather mortgage discharges, clear estate matters and ensure corporate/LLC authority exists to convey or purchase property (where applicable) to prevent you from dealing with future questions. 

Commercial and Residential Leasing

Commercial lease disputes can be complicated.  Residential eviction matters require strict compliance with statutory requirements on notice, demand, service, judgment, and warrant of eviction.  We understand New York laws governing commercial and residential landlord/tenant matters and can draft and review leases to help you avoid the pitfalls.

Commercial and Residential Lending

There are a variety of requirements to close a loan to purchase or development real estate.  We work with many lenders and understand the process of commercial and residential lending.  We can help you understand and satisfy the requirements of your loan to ensure a timely closing.

REO Purchase and Sales

REO sales and purchases are time sensitive and unique.  We work promptly to address title matters and close transactions quickly for lenders and buyers.

Title Examination

We examine title to the property to confirm ownership and identify easements, restrictions and covenants on the property.  We also review boundaries, encroachments and shared features and negotiate agreements to ensure maintenance and obligations associated therewith are properly addressed.

Title and Boundary Disputes

Common law governs most title and boundary disputes.  Our team has extensive experience and knowledge to evaluate and prosecute or defend disputes over boundaries, encroachments, trees, retaining walls, fences, docks, water rights or other features.


Whether you need an easement or right-of-way to use your property as intended, or your property is subject to an easement or right-of-way in favor of someone else, our attorneys can properly draft or review the agreement to properly define the easement area and establish or evaluate the legal rights, responsibilities and liabilities associated with use thereof.

With experience representing individuals, government entities, corporations, limited liability companies, national and local lenders, we bring invaluable insight into every real estate case.  We will help you identify potential problems, ensure that you understand every aspect of your transaction and advocate for your interests.

What Are The Differences In Residential And Commercial Real Estate Transactions?

Residential real estate transactions refer to purchasing land or property used as a personal residence. This can include single-family houses, townhouses, condominiums, patio homes or multi-unit properties.  Residential transactions most often involve real estate brokers or agents who serve as the intermediary between buyer and seller and assist the attorneys by coordinating inspections, appraisals and conducting final walk-throughs prior to closing.

Commercial real estate is land or property used for a business or commercial use.   Commercial transactions often involve additional inspections and diligence periods to allow buyers an opportunity to confirm a property is suited for the intended use.  Buyers also often condition closing on state and/or local approval of the intended use or their development plan.  Moreover, commercial lenders may require additional items such as Phase I Environmental Assessments, municipal compliance letters, attorney opinion letters, and personal guarantees.  Depending on the nature of the property and the intended use, some diligence periods can extend for months to a year or more.

At Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, our attorneys have immense experience in both commercial and residential real estate sales, purchases, and development. Whether you are an investor looking to sell or purchase land for residential use or a business owner looking for commercial property, you need an attorney who understands the process.

Serving As Your Real Estate Advisors

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