Advocating For The Justice You Deserve

Sometimes, litigation is unavoidable. Whether a situation involves a complex commercial agreement, a real estate instrument, or an employment dispute, you need an attorney you can trust to represent and defend your interests in court. At Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, our litigation attorneys have years of experience in all phases of litigation, from pre-suit negotiations or demand letters through trial, and can advise and assist on how best to resolve your legal disputes, whether they involve real estate, commercial, or labor and employment law.

If you received an unfavorable judgment from a trial court, you may have options to appeal. Our appellate litigation attorneys have years of experience representing clients before both state and federal appellate courts. Our Rochester and Baldwinsville attorneys will advocate for the justice you deserve.

What Kinds Of Cases Can Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC Help With?

Our litigation attorneys at Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC represent individuals, corporate entities, and municipal clients in federal and state court on a myriad of legal issues, including real estate and land use disputes, labor and employment matters, business and commercial disagreements, and municipal or governmental liability. Whether you are being sued or potentially need to commence litigation yourself, you can rely on our litigation team to protect your interests and advocate for your goals.

We can help you with cases arising from a variety of scenarios, including:

Our litigation team represent a wide variety of clients, from individuals and small businesses to municipalities and large corporations. We combine our big firm experience with individualized attention to each client’s needs in order  to help our clients meet their goals. We understand you don’t want to spend your time in a courtroom, and will leverage our knowledge and experience to advance your case and protect your interests.

What Is Appellate Litigation?

This refers to cases brought in appellate-level courts (in New York State, the Court of Appeals or one of the four departments of the Appellate Division, and federally the Circuit Courts or U.S. Supreme Court) which challenge determinations by an administrative or trial-level court. The appellate process differs in many ways from litigating before a trial court, and you need an attorney with experience both briefing and arguing matters before appellate courts.

Our appellate litigation attorneys at Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC have significant experience representing clients in state and federal appellate courts in a variety of practice areas, including employment law, business and commercial law and real estate litigation.

Meeting Your Goals Through Litigation

If you have a dispute, seeking the advice of a litigator early can assist in efficient resolution of the matter, sometimes through negotiations that avoid litigation altogether.  Contact the experienced litigation attorneys at Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC in our Rochester office at 585-301-4777 or our Baldwinsville office at 315-303-3408 to schedule a consultation or complete our online contact form.