using and developing property through planning And Zoning Laws

The development of real estate in New York can involve the need to obtain approvals regulated at the local, state, and federal level. At Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, our land use and zoning attorneys represent property owners, developers, and municipalities on all issues related to land use and zoning throughout upstate New York.

Our attorneys have immense experience in assisting the firm’s private, municipal, and public sector clients on a comprehensive range of land use matters, ranging from regulatory zoning compliance to multi-level administrative reviews in connection with complex residential, commercial, or industrial projects, as well as defending litigation arising from the environmental review and project approval process.  Using a collective approach to every case, we use our big firm experience to work together to fight for a favorable outcome for our clients.

What Is Land Use And Zoning?

Land use is a general term used to describe the regulation of the use and development of real estate.  The most common form of land-use regulation are local zoning codes, which are adopted and used by local governments and municipalities  to regulate and precisely define what land uses are permitted under the law.  Local zoning codes also regulate the density and area requirements for particular uses, as well as the processes for obtaining the necessary approvals to develop a project.  Each client, project, and community is unique, requiring an individualized approach to the review and approval process. 

How Can An Attorney Help?

Whether constructing a single-family home or a complex multi-use commercial development, the attorneys at Weaver Mancuso Brightman PLLC, can help municipalities, property owners, and developers navigate local land use and zoning laws and regulations from the initial stages of planning through the approval process and, if necessary, to defend an approval or challenge a denial through litigation. 

Our attorneys can help navigate the planning and zoning approval processes at each level, including assisting private landowners and developer in seeking approvals or variances before local planning, zoning and municipal boards as needed to address a variety of issues concerning the use or development of land.  Our attorneys also regularly represent municipalities in the review process, including compliance with the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act. 

Among the areas where our attorneys have assisted clients include: 

  • Use and area variances from zoning boards of appeal;
  • Subdivision and site plan approvals from planning boards;
  • Rezonings and code amendments from village, town, or city boards;
  • Conditional or special use permits;
  • Incentive zoning approvals;
  • Drafting or amending zoning regulations;
  • Formation of overlay or planned development districts;

Whether a project is routine or controversial, our attorneys take great care to protect our clients from the threat of litigation.  In the event of litigation, our skilled attorneys have extensive experience is defending landowners, private developers, and governmental boards and officials in civil actions and Article 78 proceedings arising out of environmental reviews, local zoning laws, and municipal board review.     

With extensive experience in real estate, municipal law, land use and zoning law, and litigation, we help government entities, businesses and individual clients with all legal aspects of the ownership, use and development of real property.

Practical Land Use And Zoning Guidance

Our attorneys have years of valuable experience that can be put to work for you. We understand the intricacies of land use and zoning laws in our community. We can provide valuable and practical guidance and legal solutions. To schedule a consultation, use our online form or call us at our Rochester office at 585-301-4777 or our Baldwinsville office at 315-303-3408.